FIFA 17 Wishlist Features — Most Updated

FIFA 17 is an exciting launch for all the Football players and most gamers around the world. FIFA 16 had significant changes in stadiums and leagues but this time, it is likely that EA Sports will be upgrading the graphics, set pieces, animations and other technical aspects that are going to make the game more joyful. FIFA 17 is also going to have a story mode in its series for the first time called “The Journey.”

fifa 17 wishlist

Previously the most gamers are from American and Europeancountries, but now it is changing quickly with more gamers from different parts of the world are playing. Those players like more to see their countries of origin leagues and stadiums. FIFA players also like to have more changes regarding graphics, player movements and speed, stadiums, leagues and easier and realistic controls.

More Leagues:

As of now FIFA had almost 40 plus league’s and team’s licenses combined which is an extensive collection. However, gamers and Football players like to add more leagues and teams to its catalogue. Many international gamers are increasing, and they like to see their home country and their leagues. EA should start thinking about its players who are increasing from countries other than American and Europe.

More Stadiums:

With more Leagues adding to the game, it is also required to add their home stadiums. In FIFA 16 there is a significant upgrade of 20+ stadiums from its FIFA 15 edition and players also like to see more no of stadiums. FIFA 16 had 40+ stadiums from around the world and another 30+ Generic stadiums. In FIFA 17 as of now, it had only two confirmed stadiums that too one new stadium and the second is an upgraded. We cannot know until the release of FIFA 17 on 27th September or from an official press release.

Player Kits:

Many gamers are getting bored of using the same jerseys and equipment. Players like to change their colours, designs, and styles and now a day many sports games are coming with custom options to change many objects in the match. PES is also adding a similar feature where users can add their custom team names of their liking thereby avoiding the disappointment from unable to select their favourite team or league. It would be good to see such feature in FIFA 17.

Shirtless celebrations:

Celebrations are one of the most exciting part of sports game what good is it to play as a team without celebration after a goal. FIFA 16 had 85 types of celebrations for the players to perform in the game. It includes a wide variety of celebrations like joyful flips, rolls, slides, and cat wheel and emotional celebrations like chest thumping, saluting, kiss the pitch and many other celebrations.

Users are long waiting to have one celebration that is ashirtless celebration. It is one exciting type of celebration to have when you score a last seconds goal which is totally unexpected and feel like to remove your shirt and celebrate running across the field waving to the audience.

These are some of the features that players like to see in the next edition of FIFA 17. What is your wishlist features for FIFA 17? Please comment below to let us know.

Some of the 7 GarageBand Alternatives to Know

If you have not used GarageBand for PC, then there is no need to worry. Though there is plenty of talk about this amazing music app designed by Apple. There are many alternatives to GarageBand. In this article, we will read about 7 GarageBand alternatives. The main issue is that the software can be used for iOS devices and not Windows users.

garageband alternatives


The LMMS is free and open-source production software which comes with several built-in samples and instruments. Though it is visually unappealing UI, you will want to know it is a great software. The power and flexibility offered in this tool is just amazing. The software instruments, effects and samples are pre-loaded.

This helps you to straight away use the music app. Its ease of use is another factor which makes the software helpful. Did you know that you can record your own samples using Audacity? All you need to do is drag the desired file into the beat and bass line editor. The kind of outcome which you want can be expected from LMMS.

Mixcraft 7 ($89.95 with free trial)

Mixcraft 7 is loop-based software which is an ideal tool for music producers. It has a free trail, which you can use before buying the software. The most popular features are a diverse library of loops. You can easily make a song that sounds good by simply layering loops of different instruments.

It is ideal for individuals who want to design quality music. You need to click and drag the loops which you want to use. The rest is taken care of. The tool gives plenty of importance to loops in the music. The price factor is the only con in otherwise excellent software.

Music Maker Jam (free with in-app-purchases)

Music maker jam is free with in-app purchases and is an entertaining but limited music production app. When you want to come up with excellent music and literally have fun, then this is a tool, which you will want to experience. The app can be downloaded from the Windows app store.

The loops can be selected by genre including dubstep to electric jazz which can then be transferred to making a song. There are few limitations like you do not have the ability to create your own music. When you want to increase your library, you have to purchase loops via in app purchases.

Stagelight ($9.99 with free trial)

Stagelight is an app that comes with a free trial and is intuitive and straightforward with an imperfect UI. The manner in which it can test out on different loops and audio clips together is just amazing. You can make use array of loops to join in immediately. You can also record over their loops when the music is being played. The visual design is not really up to the mark in this music app however you can make use of this software and start creating your music in a matter of minutes.

FL Studio ($99 with free trial)

The FL studio costs $99 and comes with a free trail. Now, don’t let the price put you off. The package is suitable for everybody because it comes with a clean, straightforward design. It is an ideal choice for those who have used GarageBand. The app is able to balance itself in a broad functionality.

Lots of information can be displayed without having your workspace cluttered. You can perform several functions using this music app for recording your technique to suit the instrumentation and style. It is fun to use. It also comes with a riff machine tool which helps you use same methods to riffs.

Reaper ($60 with free trial)

Reaper comes for a price of $60 and a free trial. It is very complex production software which can help you design excellent live instrumentation. It is a package which gives the expert user several options to make music. When compared to its competitors are the pricing. For a lot of features, it is cheap.

It is a very excellent piece of software but it is not easy to use. For those who are professionals looking for a tool which can get real work done might want to purchase it.


Audiotool is software that can help you store all your presets, tracks, and samples in the cloud. You can check them out from any browser without software installations. These can be then published on Soundcloud, YouTube, or Face book. The software can help you by being able to collaborate with different software and hardware.

Some of the Audiotool features include instruments, mixing & routine, and effects.

7 Advantages of Watching Cartoons Online

A decade ago, you would have probably never thought, you would be watching your favorite shows or series online. Fortunately, it is true. Using the Internet, you can now watch all your cartoons and other shows online on your television, smart phone, tablet, iPad, and other devices. This has really enhanced viewership and made many people change to online packages.

Here are some of the advantages of watch cartoons online.

Advantages of Watching Cartoons Online

Watch from the comfort of your home

The main benefit of watching cartoons online is that you can do it from the comfort of your home. You need not run around here and there for getting the TV schedule, payments and the package. Everything can be done from home. You can select the network service provider, choose the package, and do the payments from home.

No advertisements

The main problem when watching shows and series is that, advertisements come in between, which can be extremely annoying. Sometimes they seem to go to no end ruining our mood. Fortunately, that is no longer the case as you can watch cartoons without any disturbances through online.

It is fast

It is fast in the sense that, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, you can watch these cartoons peacefully. Sometimes when watching on television, the signal will be poor due to bad weather conditions. It is not the same with watching cartoons online. Make sure that the speed of your Internet connection is good.

It comes in HD

The cartoons can be viewed in high definition or HD. That means you get to watch quality videos. You can easily make out the different when watching HD and non HD. The clarity shows when watching in HD. It is always fun watching in HD. The clarity and picture quality is worth seeing it in as it makes your viewership exciting.

It is only a monthly subscription

The subscription is monthly based only. The need to pay everyday or every hour is not required. You can however, choose annual payments too. It is convenient and suitable for all kinds of budgets. A reminder is sent few days before the deadline and you need to only make sure that do the repayment.

You get to see from plenty of options

Now each subscription comes with options of thousands of channels. It could be cartoons as well as other channels. There are different packages based on the individual needs. You have packages which offer you only with cartoons and other series. Based on the option you want, you can choose.

It is cheaply priced

It is not very expensive, unlike what you think. It is just that you will need to spend some researching online on the packages which are available for you to make use for your budget. Depending on the package you want, you will have to pay. There are many options, so take your time and then decide.

In conclusion, choose a reputed network service provided to ensure uninterrupted signal and peace of mind.

10 Best Chat Messengers for Android: Best List

Instant messaging had been a revolution in text messaging and almost decreased the importance of standard messaging. Billions of users are now using instant messaging every day and sending hundreds of text messages, photos, videos, and many other things over the apps. These apps are also providing voice and video call features for its users.


10 Best Chat Messengers for Android


Best app for instant messaging & helps to stay connected with family and friends. It has the option of sharing images and files. Its users friendly and works over the internet.It operates on many operating systemsiOS, Windows, Symbian andAndroidOperating Systems.


Viber is alot like WhatsApp, It isthe best trending app which can sendtext, share pics,and also had an option of videocalling.It isuser-friendly and works over the internet.It operates on both iOS and Android Operating Systems; itsyncs all your contacts and shows who all are available in Viber online.


It is an internationally used messenger app used for video chatand also we can call in thegroup too.It isa quite efficient app. it works on both ios and android software. To use Skype users should be registered withemail ID and connect through email.

BlackBerry Messenger:

BlackBerry is one of the earliest to start Instant Messaging service and is available only for BlackBerry users till 2013. Users need the BlackBerry Pin to connect with others. Users can  share text, stickers and voice calling feature is also available.


Kik is one of the best messaging app with which you can send text, sharing images, videos and location. It does notdepend onupon yourphone numbers for contacts. Instead,you can add people via their usernames. It had app to iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. User should register with username and email ID. KIK for PC is also a great option for those who love it.


It is free to use group messaging app it ishaving a quite modern look and allows media sharing has cool stickersyou can add people via NFC. Viber works on both ios and android was 1stlaunchedin Japan andreached 100 million users


We can chat with multiple ppl at once through SMS and videocalls.It is developed by Google. It works on both iOS and Android software.Users can log in directly with their Gmail account.


We can text to family & friends instantly.It has an additional feature that it shows who all are available. Facebook syncs all your friends in the account, and also your contacts and matches them with their database.It operates on iOS, Windows, and Android operating Systems.

Go SMSPro:

You can send and receivetext over the internet, it has an additional feature toblock SMS from any number.It works on both ios and android software.


Hike ismost trending app, famous for its animation stickers, and it is popular due to it’s feature to send messages to both who are on hike also who are not on hike.Itsuser-friendly and works over the internet.

Here are the 10 best messaging apps for Android with many features changing from one app to another. What is your most used Instant messaging app? Please use our comment section to reply.

GTA 6 Vs GTA 6 : which is best

Gaming and video games today are a huge thing, aren’t they? Playing the latest versions of games on the latest Play stations and on Xbox is yet another way to portray how cool you are. Undoubtedly, today, games have got new definitions, for some gaming means Call of Duty and for some it as well means the GTA 5. For all the GTA fans, here we bring to you the better and bigger version, the GTA 6. GTA 5 is an all time favorite of many, and whether or not the GTA 6 would manage to bring for you an equally exciting experience is what is worth the watch. From all the news we’ve been hearing about the GTA 6, let’s have a comparison of the both.



GTA 5 was more of the same old cities with the likes of Los Santos, San Andreas etc. The game did not see many changes as far as the Maps are concerned and was more or less like the previous version. However, the GTA 6 will bring for us a major add on in the form of getting us the whole of world. Yes, you heard that right as GTA VI will have worldwide maps and no more of worrying about the minute details as the features on board are just what we would need!

Cars and Modifications

GTA V vehicles were nothing but inspirations from the real life cars, though they were great but at the end were just adaptations. This time, Rockstar games will now bring in licensed cars for the players. So no more of dreamy cars, but more of the realistic ones!

GTA V had us all taken aback with allowing us to modify our cars as and how we liked, with the GTA 6 however, the modification process will only get a little better. You will be allows to customize as many features you want and however you want. Like literally everything!

VR Support

GTA V is playable on PC, Playstation as well as Xbox. But GTA VI will bring in a lot of other devices including like PS 3, PS 4, Xbox ONE, Xbox 360 and PC. That’s pretty normal right? Whats the best thing is that they all will have VR support. Virtual Reality as we all know allows users to have more of a real time experience and with world maps, this feature is more of a bane!

i am also waiting for sims 5.

FaceTime vs Skype: Which one is the best?

FaceTime and Skype both are world famous video calling app where Skype comes on all smartphone operating system and FaceTime comes only on iOS devices. But a lot of conversations go online about the comparisons of these two web calling app. These two apps have been proved superb and have crossed the limit of expectations of millions. Buy of we really want to draw a fine line of comparison between these two apps, we have dig deep.


FaceTime vs Skype- Functions

FaceTime is a video calling app, as well as is offered over Wi-Fi and 3G/ 4G. You can make a voice call, FaceTime audio if your device doesn’t have a front camera or you just choose not to be seen, only heard.

Skype consists of video calls, however can also be used for voice phone calls (that’s where all of it started). Plus, due to the fact that MSN Carrier was rolled right into Skype, you can use it as an Instant Messaging (IM) solution, sending out text, images, video clip as well as reports. Skype in fact permitted video clip calls over mobile networks before FaceTime did, also on the iPhone.

FaceTime vs Skype- Top quality

Audio and also video clip top quality for video calls is mostly dependent on the rate of the net link in between you as well as the person on the other hand. You may have a quality net connection; however your recipient may live someplace rural with a slow net link.

Skype has to make do with software program to do these tasks, which likewise makes use of even more CPU power, and also battery power. Skype is peer-to-peer though, while Apple uses its own central web servers to facilitate FaceTime calls.

FaceTime vs Skype: Safety and security

An often overlooked factor in message, calling as well as video chatting is protection. Fortunately is that both Skype and also FaceTime are attractively secured. Skype encrypts all video clip as well as voice telephone calls, as it finishes with any kind of documents and also instant messages you discuss.

Apple, as well, does end-to-end encryption for FaceTime as well as iMessage. This suggests that no-one yet the sender as well as receiver can watch them.

FaceTime vs Skype: Which one is the best?

This article was never ever intended to inform you- which one is better. If you have access to a gadget which can use FaceTime as well as the person you wish to talk with does too, it makes sense to compare these. Quality is a bit better compared to Skype over the very same web connection in our encounter.

Skype, however, is more compatible as well as has more functions. Both services are free as well as protected. And since you could set up Skype on iOS and also Mac OS, there’s truly no need to limit on your own to using just one if you have an Apple device: install them both. If you do not have an Apple device, you cannot make use of FaceTime anyhow.