10 Best Chat Messengers for Android: Best List

Instant messaging had been a revolution in text messaging and almost decreased the importance of standard messaging. Billions of users are now using instant messaging every day and sending hundreds of text messages, photos, videos, and many other things over the apps. These apps are also providing voice and video call features for its users.


10 Best Chat Messengers for Android


Best app for instant messaging & helps to stay connected with family and friends. It has the option of sharing images and files. Its users friendly and works over the internet.It operates on many operating systemsiOS, Windows, Symbian andAndroidOperating Systems.


Viber is alot like WhatsApp, It isthe best trending app which can sendtext, share pics,and also had an option of videocalling.It isuser-friendly and works over the internet.It operates on both iOS and Android Operating Systems; itsyncs all your contacts and shows who all are available in Viber online.


It is an internationally used messenger app used for video chatand also we can call in thegroup too.It isa quite efficient app. it works on both ios and android software. To use Skype users should be registered withemail ID and connect through email.

BlackBerry Messenger:

BlackBerry is one of the earliest to start Instant Messaging service and is available only for BlackBerry users till 2013. Users need the BlackBerry Pin to connect with others. Users canĀ  share text, stickers and voice calling feature is also available.


Kik is one of the best messaging app with which you can send text, sharing images, videos and location. It does notdepend onupon yourphone numbers for contacts. Instead,you can add people via their usernames. It had app to iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. User should register with username and email ID. KIK for PC is also a great option for those who love it.


It is free to use group messaging app it ishaving a quite modern look and allows media sharing app.it has cool stickersyou can add people via NFC. Viber works on both ios and android software.it was 1stlaunchedin Japan andreached 100 million users


We can chat with multiple ppl at once through SMS and videocalls.It is developed by Google. It works on both iOS and Android software.Users can log in directly with their Gmail account.


We can text to family & friends instantly.It has an additional feature that it shows who all are available. Facebook syncs all your friends in the account, and also your contacts and matches them with their database.It operates on iOS, Windows, and Android operating Systems.

Go SMSPro:

You can send and receivetext over the internet, it has an additional feature toblock SMS from any number.It works on both ios and android software.


Hike ismost trending app, famous for its animation stickers, and it is popular due to it’s feature to send messages to both who are on hike also who are not on hike.Itsuser-friendly and works over the internet.

Here are the 10 best messaging apps for Android with many features changing from one app to another. What is your most used Instant messaging app? Please use our comment section to reply.