Best Dinner Ideas for New Year’s Eve — Check Now!

Hey again a brand New Year is coming! Are you ready for this celebration? Hope you are agreeing with this fact that no celebration can be completed without good food. We arrange nice and fine dine according to our ability on this occasion. If you want to serve cozy and luxury meal when clock strike at midnight then you have to look on this matter. Here I suggest you some really delicious dish for this special day. If you arrange a house party on Happy New Year 2017 then these suggestions will help you.

new year dinner party ideas

Salmon Roe Pasta

This is a good dish for parties. Now most of the people like to eat pasta. Salmon Roe Pasta is the dish with an uncommon flavor. It tastes like pizza. You should eat this with fork instead of hands.

Potato rostis with beetroot horseradish

This is a nice starter. Many people love potato and they surely like this item. This snack will also go with hard drinks.

 Scallops with Caviar

You cannot say no to cavior. If you serve scallops with cavior in your party then it will enhance the taste buds of every guest. One more tips, serve it with Champagne sauce. Click some beautiful happy new year images of these recipes and share on social media with friends and family.  

Smoked Salmon Pizza

The smoked salmon Pizza is a great New Year’s Eve appetizer. Pizza is adored by everyone. Make this pizza by spreading cream fraiche and topped with smoked salmon.

Prime Rib

If you want to add meat on your party item then I suggest you the prime rib. Roast a 4 bone prime rib and serve this with sauce made by Champagne and horseradish.

Roast Pork Shoulder

Another delicious dish on meat is Roast Pork Shoulder. It is very popular in party item. You can add this as pork is very famous for its taste.

Short Ribs

If you want to serve soft and tender meats o your guests then this is the ideal for that purpose. Cooked this item in advance and served this from a slow cooker on the party date.

Baked Penne

This is the dish with so many sausage, cheese and pasta. This baked pasta is very good food option after too much Champagne.


Meatballs are very famous among all. This is a perfect party starter. Serve this dish with salads and drinks.


This is a complete vegetarian recipe. Ribollita is made with so many vegetable in which greens and beans are must. These two ingredients bring good luck on New Year to you.