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FIFA 18 Expected to Undergo a Number of Changes

Over the years we have experienced new features being ushered in different video games. And the improvements that we have come across are mostly in the sports genre of the video games. And in that genre, one game which has managed to at the top of the list of favorites games among the fans across the world is FIFA. And as we approach the release of yet another game in the series of FIFA which is published by Electronic Arts, the fans have started expecting a number of changes that should be brought in to make things a new dimension to the already very much realistic video game in the world.

FIFA 18 will surely come out on the market in the month of September this year although there hasn’t been any announcement made regarding FIFA 18 release date. But that has been the trend over the years. And the fans should stay assured of the fact that the game FIFA 18 will hit the market in September 2017.

Among the changes that are expected to come in the game FIFA 18, one thing that the developer of the game should focus on is the penalty shoot-outs. Taking penalty in the latest version of the game that is available in the market engages a very complicated process. That is great for all the gamers, but the process should be made much easier as the difficulty level is much higher than expected. And this is something that each and every gamer is expecting to be looked at in the game FIFA 18.

Yet another prospect of the video game that needs to be looked at in FIFA 18 is the women’s football. There has been a shortage of improvement in the game when it comes to women’s football, and it needs to be developed considerably. FIFA 17 did see some new additions being made, but that is certainly not enough. In fact, it is nowhere near to the men’s section when pitted against each other. Football fans really want to see this section being looked at with much more care for that will definitely enhance the appeal of the game among the fans across the world.

Graphical glitches are something that needs to be avoided. FIFA 17 boasts of being one of the best available video games in the market, and it is really disappointing to see a number of glitches coming in a while playing the game. And this is happening in spite of the fact that game is running on the Frostbite engine. And this aspect of the game also needs some improvement. After all, it is one of the most popular video games in the world.

It remains to be seen whether these change at all come in the game FIFA 18 or not. Even if there is not a new addition to the features of the game FIFA 18, we can expect that the problems which arise while playing the game get fixed in the upcoming version of the game. And to see that happening we will have wait until the month of September which is not too far away from now.

FIFA 17 Wishlist Features — Most Updated

FIFA 17 is an exciting launch for all the Football players and most gamers around the world. FIFA 16 had significant changes in stadiums and leagues but this time, it is likely that EA Sports will be upgrading the graphics, set pieces, animations and other technical aspects that are going to make the game more joyful. FIFA 17 is also going to have a story mode in its series for the first time called “The Journey.”

fifa 17 wishlist

Previously the most gamers are from American and Europeancountries, but now it is changing quickly with more gamers from different parts of the world are playing. Those players like more to see their countries of origin leagues and stadiums. FIFA players also like to have more changes regarding graphics, player movements and speed, stadiums, leagues and easier and realistic controls.

More Leagues:

As of now FIFA had almost 40 plus league’s and team’s licenses combined which is an extensive collection. However, gamers and Football players like to add more leagues and teams to its catalogue. Many international gamers are increasing, and they like to see their home country and their leagues. EA should start thinking about its players who are increasing from countries other than American and Europe.

More Stadiums:

With more Leagues adding to the game, it is also required to add their home stadiums. In FIFA 16 there is a significant upgrade of 20+ stadiums from its FIFA 15 edition and players also like to see more no of stadiums. FIFA 16 had 40+ stadiums from around the world and another 30+ Generic stadiums. In FIFA 17 as of now, it had only two confirmed stadiums that too one new stadium and the second is an upgraded. We cannot know until the release of FIFA 17 on 27th September or from an official press release.

Player Kits:

Many gamers are getting bored of using the same jerseys and equipment. Players like to change their colours, designs, and styles and now a day many sports games are coming with custom options to change many objects in the match. PES is also adding a similar feature where users can add their custom team names of their liking thereby avoiding the disappointment from unable to select their favourite team or league. It would be good to see such feature in FIFA 17.

Shirtless celebrations:

Celebrations are one of the most exciting part of sports game what good is it to play as a team without celebration after a goal. FIFA 16 had 85 types of celebrations for the players to perform in the game. It includes a wide variety of celebrations like joyful flips, rolls, slides, and cat wheel and emotional celebrations like chest thumping, saluting, kiss the pitch and many other celebrations.

Users are long waiting to have one celebration that is ashirtless celebration. It is one exciting type of celebration to have when you score a last seconds goal which is totally unexpected and feel like to remove your shirt and celebrate running across the field waving to the audience.

These are some of the features that players like to see in the next edition of FIFA 17. What is your wishlist features for FIFA 17? Please comment below to let us know.

GTA 6 Vs GTA 6 : which is best

Gaming and video games today are a huge thing, aren’t they? Playing the latest versions of games on the latest Play stations and on Xbox is yet another way to portray how cool you are. Undoubtedly, today, games have got new definitions, for some gaming means Call of Duty and for some it as well means the GTA 5. For all the GTA fans, here we bring to you the better and bigger version, the GTA 6. GTA 5 is an all time favorite of many, and whether or not the GTA 6 would manage to bring for you an equally exciting experience is what is worth the watch. From all the news we’ve been hearing about the GTA 6, let’s have a comparison of the both.



GTA 5 was more of the same old cities with the likes of Los Santos, San Andreas etc. The game did not see many changes as far as the Maps are concerned and was more or less like the previous version. However, the GTA 6 will bring for us a major add on in the form of getting us the whole of world. Yes, you heard that right as GTA VI will have worldwide maps and no more of worrying about the minute details as the features on board are just what we would need!

Cars and Modifications

GTA V vehicles were nothing but inspirations from the real life cars, though they were great but at the end were just adaptations. This time, Rockstar games will now bring in licensed cars for the players. So no more of dreamy cars, but more of the realistic ones!

GTA V had us all taken aback with allowing us to modify our cars as and how we liked, with the GTA 6 however, the modification process will only get a little better. You will be allows to customize as many features you want and however you want. Like literally everything!

VR Support

GTA V is playable on PC, Playstation as well as Xbox. But GTA VI will bring in a lot of other devices including like PS 3, PS 4, Xbox ONE, Xbox 360 and PC. That’s pretty normal right? Whats the best thing is that they all will have VR support. Virtual Reality as we all know allows users to have more of a real time experience and with world maps, this feature is more of a bane!

i am also waiting for sims 5.