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The Fast and the Furious 8 Plot in Nutshell

Directed by F. Gary Gray, The Fate of the Furious or commonly known as Fast and Furious 8 is one of the most-awaited Hollywood films of 2017 that is set to release on 15th April. The film is getting the attention of the fans for certain seasons and is expected to deliver a tremendous potency level.

The storyline of Fast and Furious 8 will pivot around the team who were once street racers and best in their jobs who with time settled down with their family.  How the team who is preparing to lead a normal life and discard all the wrongdoing will again fall prey of the evil eyes. Dom and Letty will be seen enjoying the bliss of their honeymoon but their beautiful days will not long. While the team too has just found solace in their life, an evil woman played by Oscar winner Charlize Theron will invade into Dom’s life by influencing him to go against his close friends and family. She will instruct him to do such things which he would have never done as he is not a bad guy and it will be highly evil for him. The interesting fact is it will be impossible for Dom to escape from the evil woman’s spell and the consequences will turn out to be extremely shocking like never before.

It is also said that Theron, who will be depicting the character of the evil woman will bring in innumerable turmoil for the team. And with such revelations, the film is assuring that the intensity level of the plot line has all the possibilities to enhance with every scene and a blink of an eye can make you miss something. The trailer has given ample scenes to get the goose bumps, and it shows how awesome the eighth installment will be. As the makers have already promised that the franchise will make two more films, we suppose there will be some twist too in the upcoming movie which will remain uncertain to the fans and which will only be revealed in the next movie.

Nevertheless, each and every installment of The Fast and the Furious franchise has acquired innumerable positive responses from the fandom due to its unique plot and next-gen action. And now they are expecting the upcoming film to bring out something extraordinary for the requirement of some extreme excellence just like the other installments.

The crux of the Fast and Furious movies revolves around the adventures of a gang of street racers where Vin Diesel’s character Dominic Toretto is the leader. There are lots of crazy stunts, cool cars and plenty of excellent bombastic dialogue. The films have focused heavily on underground street racing culture and were widely cited as providing for an entire generation of cool car fans and fanatics.

The only disheartening factor of the Fast and the Furious 8 is the absence of Paul Walker. His untimely demise has created a great void that none can fulfill. But still the makers of the movie have tried their level best to give the best experience to the fans of the franchise, but still, Paul Walker will be missed a lot.

Best Dinner Ideas for New Year’s Eve — Check Now!

Hey again a brand New Year is coming! Are you ready for this celebration? Hope you are agreeing with this fact that no celebration can be completed without good food. We arrange nice and fine dine according to our ability on this occasion. If you want to serve cozy and luxury meal when clock strike at midnight then you have to look on this matter. Here I suggest you some really delicious dish for this special day. If you arrange a house party on Happy New Year 2017 then these suggestions will help you.

new year dinner party ideas

Salmon Roe Pasta

This is a good dish for parties. Now most of the people like to eat pasta. Salmon Roe Pasta is the dish with an uncommon flavor. It tastes like pizza. You should eat this with fork instead of hands.

Potato rostis with beetroot horseradish

This is a nice starter. Many people love potato and they surely like this item. This snack will also go with hard drinks.

 Scallops with Caviar

You cannot say no to cavior. If you serve scallops with cavior in your party then it will enhance the taste buds of every guest. One more tips, serve it with Champagne sauce. Click some beautiful happy new year images of these recipes and share on social media with friends and family.  

Smoked Salmon Pizza

The smoked salmon Pizza is a great New Year’s Eve appetizer. Pizza is adored by everyone. Make this pizza by spreading cream fraiche and topped with smoked salmon.

Prime Rib

If you want to add meat on your party item then I suggest you the prime rib. Roast a 4 bone prime rib and serve this with sauce made by Champagne and horseradish.

Roast Pork Shoulder

Another delicious dish on meat is Roast Pork Shoulder. It is very popular in party item. You can add this as pork is very famous for its taste.

Short Ribs

If you want to serve soft and tender meats o your guests then this is the ideal for that purpose. Cooked this item in advance and served this from a slow cooker on the party date.

Baked Penne

This is the dish with so many sausage, cheese and pasta. This baked pasta is very good food option after too much Champagne.


Meatballs are very famous among all. This is a perfect party starter. Serve this dish with salads and drinks.


This is a complete vegetarian recipe. Ribollita is made with so many vegetable in which greens and beans are must. These two ingredients bring good luck on New Year to you.

7 Advantages of Watching Cartoons Online

A decade ago, you would have probably never thought, you would be watching your favorite shows or series online. Fortunately, it is true. Using the Internet, you can now watch all your cartoons and other shows online on your television, smart phone, tablet, iPad, and other devices. This has really enhanced viewership and made many people change to online packages.

Here are some of the advantages of watch cartoons online.

Advantages of Watching Cartoons Online

Watch from the comfort of your home

The main benefit of watching cartoons online is that you can do it from the comfort of your home. You need not run around here and there for getting the TV schedule, payments and the package. Everything can be done from home. You can select the network service provider, choose the package, and do the payments from home.

No advertisements

The main problem when watching shows and series is that, advertisements come in between, which can be extremely annoying. Sometimes they seem to go to no end ruining our mood. Fortunately, that is no longer the case as you can watch cartoons without any disturbances through online.

It is fast

It is fast in the sense that, depending on the speed of your Internet connection, you can watch these cartoons peacefully. Sometimes when watching on television, the signal will be poor due to bad weather conditions. It is not the same with watching cartoons online. Make sure that the speed of your Internet connection is good.

It comes in HD

The cartoons can be viewed in high definition or HD. That means you get to watch quality videos. You can easily make out the different when watching HD and non HD. The clarity shows when watching in HD. It is always fun watching in HD. The clarity and picture quality is worth seeing it in as it makes your viewership exciting.

It is only a monthly subscription

The subscription is monthly based only. The need to pay everyday or every hour is not required. You can however, choose annual payments too. It is convenient and suitable for all kinds of budgets. A reminder is sent few days before the deadline and you need to only make sure that do the repayment.

You get to see from plenty of options

Now each subscription comes with options of thousands of channels. It could be cartoons as well as other channels. There are different packages based on the individual needs. You have packages which offer you only with cartoons and other series. Based on the option you want, you can choose.

It is cheaply priced

It is not very expensive, unlike what you think. It is just that you will need to spend some researching online on the packages which are available for you to make use for your budget. Depending on the package you want, you will have to pay. There are many options, so take your time and then decide.

In conclusion, choose a reputed network service provided to ensure uninterrupted signal and peace of mind.

FaceTime vs Skype: Which one is the best?

FaceTime and Skype both are world famous video calling app where Skype comes on all smartphone operating system and FaceTime comes only on iOS devices. But a lot of conversations go online about the comparisons of these two web calling app. These two apps have been proved superb and have crossed the limit of expectations of millions. Buy of we really want to draw a fine line of comparison between these two apps, we have dig deep.


FaceTime vs Skype- Functions

FaceTime is a video calling app, as well as is offered over Wi-Fi and 3G/ 4G. You can make a voice call, FaceTime audio if your device doesn’t have a front camera or you just choose not to be seen, only heard.

Skype consists of video calls, however can also be used for voice phone calls (that’s where all of it started). Plus, due to the fact that MSN Carrier was rolled right into Skype, you can use it as an Instant Messaging (IM) solution, sending out text, images, video clip as well as reports. Skype in fact permitted video clip calls over mobile networks before FaceTime did, also on the iPhone.

FaceTime vs Skype- Top quality

Audio and also video clip top quality for video calls is mostly dependent on the rate of the net link in between you as well as the person on the other hand. You may have a quality net connection; however your recipient may live someplace rural with a slow net link.

Skype has to make do with software program to do these tasks, which likewise makes use of even more CPU power, and also battery power. Skype is peer-to-peer though, while Apple uses its own central web servers to facilitate FaceTime calls.

FaceTime vs Skype: Safety and security

An often overlooked factor in message, calling as well as video chatting is protection. Fortunately is that both Skype and also FaceTime are attractively secured. Skype encrypts all video clip as well as voice telephone calls, as it finishes with any kind of documents and also instant messages you discuss.

Apple, as well, does end-to-end encryption for FaceTime as well as iMessage. This suggests that no-one yet the sender as well as receiver can watch them.

FaceTime vs Skype: Which one is the best?

This article was never ever intended to inform you- which one is better. If you have access to a gadget which can use FaceTime as well as the person you wish to talk with does too, it makes sense to compare these. Quality is a bit better compared to Skype over the very same web connection in our encounter.

Skype, however, is more compatible as well as has more functions. Both services are free as well as protected. And since you could set up Skype on iOS and also Mac OS, there’s truly no need to limit on your own to using just one if you have an Apple device: install them both. If you do not have an Apple device, you cannot make use of FaceTime anyhow.