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Christmas Cards 2016: share with your friends

Christmas celebration is very popular worldwide among all. This day is celebrated as birthday of Jesus Christ. This day has a religious aspect. All Christians celebrate this day with great respect. Jesus was the messenger of light and he came to rectify our lifestyle and save us from sin. At that time some people conspire to kill him and they seceded in their mission. This day is the birthday of that man who was “Son of God”. Though the original date of birth of Jesus Christ is not known by anyone but according to Roman calendar the day was probably in the month of December. So from this we celebrate December 25th as Jesus Birthday. Every true Christian goes to the church on Christmas day. do not forget to check Christmas Clip Art

People celebrate this day with various activities. They make cake and cookies in their houses, arrange family get together, distributed Christmas wishes etc. Yes Christmas wish has always play an important part. We all wish our family and friends on this day. Sometime our close one or relatives are far away from us but they also expect something on this day. Wish has a power of attract people as it shows ones emotion and feeling to other. So you cannot deny this part of Christmas celebration. Now what?? You don’t want to wish by message?? Ok then buy cards and send it. Still confused?? Ok I have a solution for you. Here I collect some nice and elegant Christmas cards for your help. Hope it will solve your prob. check also christmas meme

The above cards collections are one of the best collections I must say. But if it helps to justify your search then I will be really happy. A little wish can bring a smile on someone face. So wish your near and dear one on this Christmas and stay blessed. check also Merry Christmas pictures

Some of the 7 GarageBand Alternatives to Know

If you have not used GarageBand for PC, then there is no need to worry. Though there is plenty of talk about this amazing music app designed by Apple. There are many alternatives to GarageBand. In this article, we will read about 7 GarageBand alternatives. The main issue is that the software can be used for iOS devices and not Windows users.

garageband alternatives


The LMMS is free and open-source production software which comes with several built-in samples and instruments. Though it is visually unappealing UI, you will want to know it is a great software. The power and flexibility offered in this tool is just amazing. The software instruments, effects and samples are pre-loaded.

This helps you to straight away use the music app. Its ease of use is another factor which makes the software helpful. Did you know that you can record your own samples using Audacity? All you need to do is drag the desired file into the beat and bass line editor. The kind of outcome which you want can be expected from LMMS.

Mixcraft 7 ($89.95 with free trial)

Mixcraft 7 is loop-based software which is an ideal tool for music producers. It has a free trail, which you can use before buying the software. The most popular features are a diverse library of loops. You can easily make a song that sounds good by simply layering loops of different instruments.

It is ideal for individuals who want to design quality music. You need to click and drag the loops which you want to use. The rest is taken care of. The tool gives plenty of importance to loops in the music. The price factor is the only con in otherwise excellent software.

Music Maker Jam (free with in-app-purchases)

Music maker jam is free with in-app purchases and is an entertaining but limited music production app. When you want to come up with excellent music and literally have fun, then this is a tool, which you will want to experience. The app can be downloaded from the Windows app store.

The loops can be selected by genre including dubstep to electric jazz which can then be transferred to making a song. There are few limitations like you do not have the ability to create your own music. When you want to increase your library, you have to purchase loops via in app purchases.

Stagelight ($9.99 with free trial)

Stagelight is an app that comes with a free trial and is intuitive and straightforward with an imperfect UI. The manner in which it can test out on different loops and audio clips together is just amazing. You can make use array of loops to join in immediately. You can also record over their loops when the music is being played. The visual design is not really up to the mark in this music app however you can make use of this software and start creating your music in a matter of minutes.

FL Studio ($99 with free trial)

The FL studio costs $99 and comes with a free trail. Now, don’t let the price put you off. The package is suitable for everybody because it comes with a clean, straightforward design. It is an ideal choice for those who have used GarageBand. The app is able to balance itself in a broad functionality.

Lots of information can be displayed without having your workspace cluttered. You can perform several functions using this music app for recording your technique to suit the instrumentation and style. It is fun to use. It also comes with a riff machine tool which helps you use same methods to riffs.

Reaper ($60 with free trial)

Reaper comes for a price of $60 and a free trial. It is very complex production software which can help you design excellent live instrumentation. It is a package which gives the expert user several options to make music. When compared to its competitors are the pricing. For a lot of features, it is cheap.

It is a very excellent piece of software but it is not easy to use. For those who are professionals looking for a tool which can get real work done might want to purchase it.


Audiotool is software that can help you store all your presets, tracks, and samples in the cloud. You can check them out from any browser without software installations. These can be then published on Soundcloud, YouTube, or Face book. The software can help you by being able to collaborate with different software and hardware.

Some of the Audiotool features include instruments, mixing & routine, and effects.

10 Best Chat Messengers for Android: Best List

Instant messaging had been a revolution in text messaging and almost decreased the importance of standard messaging. Billions of users are now using instant messaging every day and sending hundreds of text messages, photos, videos, and many other things over the apps. These apps are also providing voice and video call features for its users.


10 Best Chat Messengers for Android


Best app for instant messaging & helps to stay connected with family and friends. It has the option of sharing images and files. Its users friendly and works over the internet.It operates on many operating systemsiOS, Windows, Symbian andAndroidOperating Systems.


Viber is alot like WhatsApp, It isthe best trending app which can sendtext, share pics,and also had an option of videocalling.It isuser-friendly and works over the internet.It operates on both iOS and Android Operating Systems; itsyncs all your contacts and shows who all are available in Viber online.


It is an internationally used messenger app used for video chatand also we can call in thegroup too.It isa quite efficient app. it works on both ios and android software. To use Skype users should be registered withemail ID and connect through email.

BlackBerry Messenger:

BlackBerry is one of the earliest to start Instant Messaging service and is available only for BlackBerry users till 2013. Users need the BlackBerry Pin to connect with others. Users can  share text, stickers and voice calling feature is also available.


Kik is one of the best messaging app with which you can send text, sharing images, videos and location. It does notdepend onupon yourphone numbers for contacts. Instead,you can add people via their usernames. It had app to iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. User should register with username and email ID. KIK for PC is also a great option for those who love it.


It is free to use group messaging app it ishaving a quite modern look and allows media sharing has cool stickersyou can add people via NFC. Viber works on both ios and android was 1stlaunchedin Japan andreached 100 million users


We can chat with multiple ppl at once through SMS and videocalls.It is developed by Google. It works on both iOS and Android software.Users can log in directly with their Gmail account.


We can text to family & friends instantly.It has an additional feature that it shows who all are available. Facebook syncs all your friends in the account, and also your contacts and matches them with their database.It operates on iOS, Windows, and Android operating Systems.

Go SMSPro:

You can send and receivetext over the internet, it has an additional feature toblock SMS from any number.It works on both ios and android software.


Hike ismost trending app, famous for its animation stickers, and it is popular due to it’s feature to send messages to both who are on hike also who are not on hike.Itsuser-friendly and works over the internet.

Here are the 10 best messaging apps for Android with many features changing from one app to another. What is your most used Instant messaging app? Please use our comment section to reply.