Kik – The Smartphone Messenger for the Next Generation

Isn’t WhatsApp the most popular? Or in that case any other specific messenger to which you are connected and feel very comfortable to. Yes, it might be but the new buzz in town is about Kik messenger- the next generation application. It has definitely made people turn around and take a little peek on the innovative features it provides. The fun of getting more on a social networking app has merely “Kik-ed” its way in the competition and the fun part is it is very easy to stay Kik Online from you respective device. We are all too attentive that there are numerous and diverse apps of this type. The fundamental features are also often analogous or, even in most cases, exactly the same. But there are however, many key differences between various instant messaging apps and Kik is the new age application standing on the edge.


There are always ups and downs associated with these applications and to that you need to make rightful choice of what you prefer. For example on the plus side, the messaging system on Kik doesn’t have character limits, message limits or any extra network based charges if you want to enjoy all those basic features. So you see, it is edgy and more fun in many ways than just SMS texting. However, if we have to look down, there seems to be lack of privacy safeguards in place in terms of age verification (reviewed from user comments on app stores).

Let us have a glance on some of the edgy features of Kik messenger:

  1. Instant Messaging: it the most basic feature to be in the category of messenger applications and Kik is doing really well on that hand. It supports a major section of emoticons, group chats etc.
  2. Photos and videos: if not all many of our conversations are incomplete with exchange of multi-media content and it’s too easy to go with Kik.
  3. Chat enhancements: This means supporting your chat with GIF’s, stickers etc and making them more meaningful. Kik has gone lengths with introducing bots and enhancing the chat to another dimension.
  4. Privacy: The app is based on username unlike many applications based on contact number. So looking up to privacy is in your hands with respect to what kind of information you want to share with the person on the other end.

Lastly, it is you who should also consider the type of features that are fundamental for you. Let’s say, if it is just the exchange text messages that you want then any application will do. Whatsoever, if you like things to be little escalated I mean chat on or share video/ audio, and picture files; chatting to bots groups; etc. let’s say interesting stuff happens when you get Kik-ed!!

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Will you leave SMS texting behind and move ahead to hazier texting multi-app combos like Kik? I bet you would love to. This may turn your regular chats more interesting and fun to be around with people who you could rarely be actually together in real time.