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Watch Free Movies and TV shows on the ShowBox App

2016 has been a crazy year when it comes to techie people. The closing of most of the torrent websites was the most painful blow for many as closing of most of the torrent websites meant that they can no longer illegally download or watch content for free. Most of us might thing that torrents are gone now and we cannot do anything but go for the paid subscription of the famous services like Netflix. Well, there is a way around if you own an android device and its name is ShowBox.


ShowBox is the application that you must definitely go to if you are all about latest TV shows and movies as the application promises a lot of content to satisfy your need and it won’t ever let you miss the torrents anymore. But to run this superb application on your device you need to download the Showbox Apk first. So, let us have a look at what the latest update of the Showbox application has to offer.

ShowBox App Latest Exciting Features

  1. Latest news

One thing you will love about this application is that it has the latest news from the industry. Be it TV shows related or movies related, Showbox will give you news about everything you have ever wanted. From the insider news to the news about the latest trailers or anything like that, everything can be found on Showbox.

  1. Latest movies at one place

The only problem with torrents was that it didn’t ensure the quality everytime. If you talk about the latest movies, they made their way to the torrent websites but most of the times the prints would be recorded or the audio would be bad or something like that. With Showbox, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the content at least. Showbox does this job so well that every file that it has for download is of high quality. This is a great thing and that is what makes us want to back again and again.

  1. Movies and TV shows

Since the closing of torrent websites, we don’t really have any website or application that would give movies and TV shows at the same time. Well, this is not the case with the Showbox application as it has both Movies and latest TV shows right at one place.

  1. Streaming

If you have limited storage with you, then you can stream using the Showbox application. Earlier the Showbox application allowed us to download the files but now they only allow us to stream the media online.

  1. No registration or fee

This is one of the best part about the Showbox application as it doesn’t ask or any kind of registration fee or doesn’t even asks you to log in via your E-Mail id or Facebook.