Three variants for the latest iPhone 8

When it comes to the popular Smartphone In the market, Apple iPhones are on the top of the list with its successful production one after the other. With the recent release of iPhone 7, the fans are eager to know about the next production the iPhone 8. With the news that next year would be Apples 10th Anniversary, we get to hear that the company is going to go overboard in terms of features that is to be updated. We get to hear the rumor that goes like that this upcoming device is going to come up with three different variants, as opposed to the company’s standard offering of two. Let us get into the depth of this news and find out about the three variants of iPhone 8.


With regards to the three variants of Apple, the models would be something like: a 4.7 inch model with a standard single lens camera and LCD display, then the 5.5 inch model with a dual-lens camera and LCD display. The third one would be the one where Apple seemed to have gone overboard with and plans to add a dual-lens camera and an OLED display. When it comes to the size of the OLED model we do not know much about it but going by a previous report Apple might have a 5.8 inch screen size, and it could be the one with the OLED display. The fact that this series is going to have three variants provides the benefit of choice to those who wants to buy the latest Apple iPhone8.

The fact that Apple iPhone 8 would be coming up with three different models could be a successful marketing strategy. However, this might be risky for the business of the company. The fact that the company has relied on one and then two offerings the financial success of the company was quite good. However, the three variants of iPhone 8 might pose an issue with regards to the company’s profit. A lot is expected from iPhone 8 which is going to be released on 2017 which is apparently the 10th anniversary of Apple.c